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Jonathan Mann Sings With Siri

Apple iPhone 4S loaded with iOS 5 has brought one of the coolest feature name “Siri Voice Assitant” which has already taken a lot of attention all around the world. This feature has not only forced people to upgrade from existing iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S but also surprise the mobile world with their record 4 Million handsets sales in just 3 days. We have also reported you that iPhone hackers community has already started working to port Siri feature in iPhone 4 running iOS 5 and major success has been achieved.

Today we have got an amazing video to share with you in which Jonathan Mann has sung an awesome love song with Siri and i am pretty much sure that you would love it and keeping watching it over an over again.

We want to remind you that previously Siri was available as separate app at App store but then removed and integrated into the recently released with iPhone 4S loaded with iOS 5. Although the integration in iOS 5 has brought alot of popularity to iPhone 4S but hopefully iPhone 4 users will also be able get the taste of it anytime soon.

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