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Jawbone’s UP iPhone Bracelet Accessory [Video]

Jawbone is one of the most desirous accessory manufacturer for high-end smartphone with Jawbone Bluetooth HandsFree the most popular product. Jawbone’s UP iPhone bracelet accessory was purportedly leaked promotional material as per 9to5Mac. The accessory tracks your steps, distances, movements and calculate the calories burnt in these processes and taking your active and inactive time into account. So the accessory keeps check of your daily habits and creates a chat and alert you to become active if your routine is going too dull.

The bracelet accessory also helps in getting you up from the bed in morning by Silent vibrating alarm in the morning. It also incorporates and eat system in which you can take snap of your meals and by matching it with eating time it can suggest you a better diet plan according to your metabolism rate based on your body data entered in the iPhone App. Your sleeping habits are also monitored in this accessory by tracking your sleep time, pattern and body movements  for calculation of best sleeping practice.

Jawbone’s UP iPhone Bracelet Accessory is expected for launch by the end of this year for which commercial promos are being filmed one which is shown below,

Source 9to5Mac

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