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Jabra Supreme and Jabra Extreme 2 Primo Bluetooth Headsets Revealed

Jabra has just released two of the most advance Bluetooth handsets Jabra Supreme and Jabra Extreme 2 which are equipped with latest noise cancellation technology and better ear positioning. They enhance the listening of call using HD audio enhancements.

Jabra Supreme

Jabra Supreme

Experience your own space filled only with your sound. Jabra SUPREME is the first Bluetooth® mono headset to allow you to enjoy exceptional Active Noise Cancellation technology. This feature actively reduces background noise, enhancing your listening experience during a call when using Jabra SUPREME. Jabra SUPREME features the latest audio enhancement technology, delivering powerful sound through its 24mm speaker. With HD Voice* the  sound  come through clearly and naturally. Wind Noise reduction technology makes calling in windy weather conditions smooth and hassle-free. These brilliant sound features enrich every conversation.

  • Active Noise Cancellation technology removes ambient noise for the user wearing the headset
  • Noise Blackout™ 3.0 dual microphone technology
  • HD Voice* technology for superior sound quality
  • Voice Control and Voice Guidance for hands-free operation
  • Multiuse™ – Connects to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously
  • Streams media with A2DP.
  • Interchangable soft ear cushions for all-day comfort

Jabra Extreme 2

Jabra Extreme 2

The Jabra EXTREME2 builds on the great success and technology of its predecessor, the Jabra EXTREME. Noise Blackout™ 3.0  technology blocks out an astonishing amount of background noise, to ensure you can enjoy your conversations without disruptions. Sound quality is taken even higher with the inclusion of HD Voice  technology. This enhancement will allow you to hear the other person’s voice with unbelievable clarity, so that you can enjoy extremely clear hands-free conversations – anywhere and anytime. Automatic Volume control instantly adjusts the headset’s volume to best suit your environment. These features will retain the natural sound of your voice on every call. Jabra EXTREME2’s superb fit also enhances its sound quality. Ultimate Comfort Eargels™ and a choice of wearing styles means the headset will sit comfortably and securely, keeping you comfortable and at ease whenever you’re wearing it.


  • Noise Blackout™ 3.0 – reduces ambient noise
  • HD Voice for even better sound quality Voice Guidance talks you through setup, pairing, battery and connection status
  • Multiuse™ – connect up to two active Bluetooth® devices at the same time
  • All day comfort with Ultimate-fit Eargels™ and ear hook
  • Transmits media with A2DP technology
  • Up to 5.5 hours talk time and up to 10.5 days standby time
Both the headsets will be available for purchase from October onwards.
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