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iSpirit Application, Theme and File Manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod

iSpirit by iThemeSky is Windows based iPhone Application, Themes and File manager which allows you single click drag drop access to your content saved on iPhone, iPad or iPod.

iSpirit as described officially,

iSpirit is a iPhone manager developed for Windows. iSpirit help you install iPhone apps, download & install iPhone themes and manage iPhone files. It can also help you fix some errors which occured in using iPhone. It fully supports iPod touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and iPad.

Some of the salient features of iSpirit file manager are as fol,

  1. Drag n Drop File Management
    You can simply drag n drop images, videos, documents etc into/from respective folder for installation or removal. Even new folders can be added or removed.
  2. One click .deb and .ipa Installation
    To install .deb (cydia installation package) and .ipa (apple installation package) you can simply select it from the menu and point it to the respective file to install.
  3. UI Controls
    You can respring, shutdown, restart or send manual command line instruction using iSpirit.
  4. Winterboard Theme Manager
    You can manage winterboard themes directly from iSpirit interface rather than accessing manual folder and doing modifications.
  5. Application Management
    Application manager provides interface to Cydia application management in which you can brwose Cydia packages, add repo, remove cydia packages etc.

With these bulk options iSpirit is amoungt the best iPhone, iPad or iPod Content Manager.
If you want to give it a try simply download fro the links below,

iSpirit: Download

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