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iReSign 2.0 – How to Install Cracked Applications IPAs without Jailbreak on iOS 4, iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iReSign has been recently updated to iReSign version 2.0 to support iOS 5 which allows you to installed cracked applications by simple drag and drop without the need to Jailbreak your device. You can call it a simple replacement of Installous for non Jailbroken devices.

Some of the major features in the upgraded iReSign 2.0 are,

  • Cleaner and Newer UI
  • Drag & Drop IPAs
  • ReSign Multiple IPAs at once!
  • Open iTunes with them immediately after being resigned.
  • Uses one directory called “ResignedApps” to store all the resigned apps. Created on the desktop.
  • I will continue to support the development of this application so I added an in-app updater. (Command-U)
  • Added the option to save wherever you like.
  • Added feature where you can delete from your queue.
  • Enhanced error messages.
  • Error message don’t disturb the queue process.
You can follow the procedure below in order to use iReSign,
  1. Register your UDID by going to the link here
  2. Download and Open iReSign V2.0
  3. Drag IPAs onto the place where it says “Drag .IPA Here”
  4. Look for your certificate in Keychain Access
  5. Check “Open Resigned IPA Automatically”
  6. Click ReSign!
  7. You have successfully signed the IPA now Sync and here you go the application is onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Source iMZDl

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