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iPhone 7 Users deceived by Viral Video claiming that there is a concealed Headphone Jack

headphone-jack There have been many complaints by users regarding the absence of the headphone port in the new iPhones ,following the release of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus , just over a week ago. People have even gone to the extent of literally drilling into their brand new iPhones ,trying to find a place to plug their earphones into , rather than using the adapter that comes in the smartphone box.

This comes as a result of a video that was released by a Taras Maksimuk ,on You-Tube ,and if you go through the comments below the video there are various comments by people claiming that they have drilled their new smartphones but most probably these comments are just jokes. However various viewers thought that the video was not fake and actually went ahead and drilled into their brand new phones ,trying to look for the so called “hidden” port ,claimed to be under the smartphones exterior.

commentsHopefully people have been using their senses and not attempting to drill into their brand new phones ,after watching a viral video ,thinking it’s legitimate.

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