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iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test Video

When iPhone 4 was launched back in June 24, 2010, critics had rejected its design and physical outlook due to the use of  chemically strengthened thin glass sheet on the front which analyst says 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic. The overall body was made up of Glass+Plastic+ metal combo which suppose to make it more durable and resistant to tear. However, when iPhone 4 dropping test was performed at worldwide, it turned out to be very prune to tear and breakable.

Although iPhone 4S which was launched in seven countries at last weekend has brought some tremendous first weekend sales results but has failed the dropping test performed by Folks over at SquareTrade and reason behind this failure is similar design material used in iPhone 4. Moreover, this doping test was not performed alone but with Samsung Galaxy S II.

In above mentioned video iPhone 4S has been dropped at waist at waist and shoulder high against Samsung Galaxy S II in order to check which one is more durable and less prune to tear. iPhone 4 has just disappointed and badly damaged the screen whereas as Samasung Galaxy S II remained in better condition probably due to light weight and back made of plastic. Apple has to really come up with better material and fifth generation model could be named as iPhone 5 in order to compete with other phones.

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