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iPhone 4S in Space [Video]

If you are a regular follower then i am sure you must be enjoying all iPhone 4S related stories. Few hours ago we shared one of the most interesting story about iPhone 4S in which singer Jonathan Mann Singing With Siri. Now we have another extraordinary story to share about Apple’s iPhone 4S.

A YouTube user called himself FinalCutKing has done something with iPhone 4S which was done before. He bought a pair of iPhone 4s when it was launched on 14 October and put them in a helium balloon along with GPS tracker in order to keep a track of it till it gets back. Then helium balloon then sent up to record some amazing footage of the Earth’s atmosphere and later on bring it back safely to Earth with help of GPS tracker.

We launched 2 iPhone 4S phones with a weather balloon to go up to 100,000. We put one of the iPhone 4S’s on an interval photo timer app and the other on video mode. We used s Spot GPS tracker (though I would not recommend it because it only tracks in 15 minutes increments.

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