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iPhone 4S confirmed from iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 Code, Looks like iPhone 4 Dual mode GSM/CDMA Capability

Its less than three days left for the Apple Media event and the rumors have gone sky high as no body knows whats being cooked by Apple but fore sure it will be a treat for the consumers. However this time its the Apple Developers who have leaked the iPhone 4S details in iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 which is the latest Beta for iTunes thereby no chance of iPhone 5 in near future. It was folks at 9to5Mac who have found a clear piece of code inside iTunes Beta alongwith image, also there is no differentiation between the CDMA and GSM models being totally identical in the shape and features which makes us believe that the next device might have the dual mode capability.

Although Apple does not want anyone to steal the show as they keep their devices secret until the official launch therefore this certainly is something wrong at the developers part which gave the clue to whats coming up in few days time. May be this is the reason soon after the iTunes 10.5 Beta 9 release it went missing for some time however soon after it reappeared but the iPhone 4S information was still there. As we have recently reported that Cheaper iPhone 4 with 8GB storage is expected to be announced alongwith iPhone 4S.


We are expecting to see iPhone 4S and even iPhone 5 on the coming Tuesday event but after watching the iPhone 4S code inside iTunes Beta and nothing related to iPhone 5 it gives a clue that iPhone 5 is not being planned on coming event.

Source 9to5Mac

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