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iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 appear Temporarily On Cincinnati Bell Website with price tag of $99 and $639

An American phone company Cincinnati Bell had mistakenly updated their website with the upcoming iPhone 4S 16 GB and iPhone 5 32 GB with price tag of $99 and $639 as reported by TUAWCincinnati Bell is not a national carrier of US like AT&T, Verizon etc however it has coverage in some of the thickly populated Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky and offers handsets same as other operators. The operator had updated both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 in the prepaid category alongwith price tags. We can not only get the price tag but also some of the specification of iPhone 4S  having an A5 processor, 3.5 inch screen and 5 MP camera whereas iPhone 5 with 8 MP Camera, 4 inch screen and 4G services have also been disclosed.

According to TUAW,

TUAW reader Cory L. sent us an image today that he had captured from his web browser while perusing the i-Wireless prepaid cell phone section of the Cincinnati Bell website. The screenshot shows a placeholder for an iPhone 5 with no image and no “Add to basket” purchase button.align with most of the previous rumors that we’ve heard about the device.

Apple has planned a Media Event on October 4th, there might be iPhone 5 to capture the show alongwith iPhone 4S and iOS 5. As we have reported that iPhone 5 has also been spotted Radio Shacks Inventory today so it might be annouced after couple of days during Apple event.

Source TUAW

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