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iPad External Keyboard app using iPhone/iPod Touch

If you are lucky enough to own iPad as well as iPhone or iPod touch so you can use your iPhone/iPod Touch as external keyboard for your iPad. Thanks to G.P. Imports, Inc. who have released External Keyboard application which will serve this purpose.

This application connects your iPhone/iPod Touch with your iPad using Bluetooth or Wifi and displays a universal keyboard on iPhone/iPod Touch which will type text on iPad. You have the option to change the native languages available in iOS 4.

iTunes description of the app,

Now you can use your iPhone/iPod keyboard as an EXTERNAL keyboard for the iPad

Did you know that in the iPad you can only select from a few languages in the hardware keyboard layout?

Well…The solution is finally here!

With our application you will be able to use your iPhone/iPod as a keyboard for your iPad! That obviously includes ALL of the native keyboards of the iPhone/iPod, such as Arabic, Greek, Thai, Hebrew and more…

As this app provides facility but it comes with a setback as well which is app should be running at both ends that is iPhone/iPod Touch as well as iPad inorder to work.

This External Keyboard application costs 0.99 US$ but for trial you can follow free installation procedure here and please buy it if you like it.

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