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iPad 2 vs Kindle Fire – Kindle Fire wins in Netflix streaming speeds [Video]

After the launch of Amazon Kindle Fire there has been lots of buzz for the price tag it carries and the Amazon customized including tons of ebook content gives it a definite edge. Although the reported aim of Amazon was to enter the smartphone market not only to extent their eBook and Store business but also also to extent their services though OEM device however after nearing success aim are being redesigned including expected launch of Kindle Phone and comparison with Apple iPad 2. In the comparison below some of the major aspects covered are shape/features, boot timings, Netflix video streaming and web browsing.

The sleek and stylish design of iPad 2 gives it an edge over Kindle Fire which is a bit bulky as compared to iPad 2 which gives more of an eBook reader feel to the reader. iPad 2 is equipped with A5 Dual Core Chip clocked at 1.2 GHz which gives it a definitive edge over Kindle Fire which is also a Dual Core chip with slower performance. Contrary to all the test Netflix streaming of Kindle fire is much more smoother and faster than iPad 2, this feature has been specially customized by Amazon using powers of Android open source. Lastly for the browsing part although Kindle supports Flash but still overall performance of Amazon Silk browser is not at par with iPad 2 as Safari is much more refine to provide much faster performance.

Folks at iDownloadBlog have come up with a nice video comparison which further elaborates the contents above,

Source iDownloadBlog

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