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iPad 2 marked as discontinued at Target both on Verizon and AT&T [Report]

According to the screenshot below Target has marked iPad 2 3G 16 GB as discontinued both on Verizon and AT&T. Also target has removed the iPad 2 3G 16 GB from the shelves stating,

That implies that we will not be ordering more, which implies a new iPad is forthcoming rather soon (October-ish, say). Either that or Target’s exiting the iPad business, which seems unlikely. A lot of the cases have gone clearance too.

Although we see no chance of next iPad 3 in current year due to Apple successful iPad and overall sales figures and no major competitor is there even Android as a whole. Therefore if the information provided is accurate either its due to Target’s iPad business or change in  iPad 2 SKUs.

Apple Sales figures after iPad launch rose from 65.7 percent to 68.3 percent globally whereas Android lowered from 34.0 percent to 26.8 percent. There are even few which had left this as a bad job especially HP who dumped HP TouchPad as well as WebOS.

In such congenial environments Apple is least bothered about the launch of next generation iPad a.k.a iPad 3. Although Apple is currently leading the carts but this gap will continuously narrow down and one day we will see Android as a tough competitor. Many of the analyst think that Apple is hindering the smartphone development progress by claiming copyright infringement lawsuits and hate Apple stopping innovation.

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