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iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak for Final Release Actively Works In Progress

You must be aware that launch of next generation iPhone and latest iOS 5 Betas are buzzing around in news all over technical blogs. With the launch of iOS 5 Betas, Redsn0w was quick in producing the updates for Jailbreaking them along with Sn0wbreeze but only limited to tethered. And as the launch of iPhone 5 nears with news that came from Orange UK CEO that iPhone 5 will be hitting the shelves on 15th October the launch of iOS 5 is also eminent. Therefore now the iPhone hackers are actively working on producing the untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 GM final release. This news came from a tweet by @pod2g, a member of Chronic-Dev Team,

Although it has been known from quite some time that Chronic-Dev Team has been actively working on the untethered Jailbreak for next iOS 5 as the last untethered update was using PDF exploit was only valid for iOS 4.3.3 and before which has been patched by Apple in iOS 4.3.4 and iOS 4.3.5. Since then Chronic-Dev Team has stopped releasing the exploits in order to save them from future use in iOS 5. So for the same reasons untethered Jailbreaks for iOS 5 Betas have not been released so that Apple might not patch them,

So we can be rest assured that as always Jailbreak will appear after the launch of iOS 5 GM Final release which is expected  by end of this month. iOS5 which is due to release in this fall includes over 200 new features available to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Some most awaited features in iOS 5 includes Notification Center, iMessage, , photos and videos between all iOS devices and Newsstand which is basically gives you a new way to purchase and organize newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

via iPhoneItalia

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