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iOS 5 to Display Earthquake Warnings For iPhone Users In Japan

Japan was hit by worst earthquake followed by a Tsunami earlier this year leaving behind tens of hundreds of lives and thousands homeless persons. Keeping the same in view Apple has incorporated an Earthquake warning System in iOS 5 Notification Center for all Japanese iPhone users which will be getting feeds from Japanese Local Earthquake warning system.

Apple has been working hard or development of new Notification System of iOS 5 where all the notification are integrated and a feature set which collects all the notifications from Network as well as Applications to display then in non-intrusive form rather then pop-up messages in iOS 4 and below.

Japan is right in the middle of multiple active epicenters for Earthquakes and has cause lot of damage in last few decades. The key to reduction of earthquake causalities is early warning notification system which has already been deployed in Japan but its integration with iPhone will be of great help.

iOS 5 is currently in Betas for developers only and recently iOS 5 Beta 6 has been released which has already been Jailbroken using Sn0wBreeze. There are chances that same like Applications may popup in Jailbreak community for which we will keep you posted.

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