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iOS 5 Bug allows you to put Folder within Folder rather all apps in one Folder [Video]

iOS 5 had the most revisions in the history of Apple developments including 7x iOS 5 Betas releases before the final GM followed by release to general public was made even though we witness today that there are some bugs still floating around in iOS 5. Today’s interesting bug allows you to put Folders within Folders and even put all your applications in one single folder. And the secret is not so secret as the bug works pretty simple like you wiggle the apps to place one app on top of another to create folder in the same manner if you place one folder onto another folder it fits in to the destination folder. However folders do not work when placed inside another folder rather the spring board crashes.

Watch how the bug works in video below,

It is expected that Apple will fix the bug in upcoming iOS 5.0.1 final release which has recently got its Beta 2 for developers.

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