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iOS 5.1 Beta Includes Apple’s Next iPhone 5,1 Reference Code

Apple has just seeded iOS 5.1 Beta for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad devices and is available to download only for developers. The new Beta has brought us one of the most important information for which users have waiting for so long. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s iPhone 5 whose certain code name internally dubbed  as 5,1 has been already discovered by 9to5Mac.

If you have not understood what 5,1 means then basically 5 represents the next model would be called as iPhone 5 and “,1” would be considered as an initial release/variant of the phone. Similar code names were used for old model and are quite easy to understand. For example the previous iPhone 4S model was dubbed as iPhone 4,2 which indicates that it is a variant of iPhone whose code name was 4,1.

This scheme clear tells us that Apple only changes the last part code name if the next model is only a variant of previous one. Whereas in case of brand new model which obviously will contain major internal enhancements such as Brand new processor just like iPhone 5 the whole code name would then be replaced from 4,2 to 5,1.

The actual release date of iPhone 5 is yet to be confirmed but with iPhone 5,1 reference code we are at least sure that Apple’s next iPhone model would be called as iPhone 5.

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