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iOS 5.1 Beta Includes Apple’s Next iPad 3 Reference Code

Today we reported you that Apple’s latest iPhone 5.1 Beta firmware includes a certain reference code dubbed  as
iPhone 5,1  which most probably would be called as iPhone 5 sixth-generation iPhone. Along with the information about iPhone(5,1) reference code, another code has been found in Apple’s latest iOS 5.1 Beta firmware but this time for iPad.

As you are already aware that Apple introduced three different variants of iPad 2. One of them is for WiFi only version whereas others two support both GSM and CDMA cellular editions. Apple has retained the same model for iPad 3 as “iPad 3,2.” was already leaked but in iOS 5.1 Beta version apple mentions iPad 3,3. We are still not sure if similar model is going to be used in case iPhone 4S now 3G and 4G models.

The actual release date of iPad 3 and iPhone 5 is yet to be officially confirmed but with these reference code we are at least sure that Apple’s next generation iPhone and iPad would be called as iPhone 5, iPad 3.

Via [electronista]

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