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iOS 5.0.2 to fix Battery Issue, iOS 5.1 to enhance Siri functionality [Report]

Apple is purportedly working on two iOS 5 revisions i.e iOS 5.0.2 which is primarily aimed to fix iPhone 4S battery issues along with other iOS devices who face deteriorating battery after iOS 5.0 & 5.0.1 update. This update is expected to be released soon as Apple had apparently released the iOS 5.0.1 to address the battery issues however rather than addressing the problem it even added new bugs.

Secondly Apple has been working on the upcoming iOS 5.1 update which will increase the functionality of Siri and possible integration with more native applications is expected. In the update additional actions like taking snapshot from camera, turning WiFi on and off etc are expected to be integrated with Siri. The update is expected to be released by end of this year or start of next year.

It is expected that Apple will release both these iOS update on time so that iPhone 4S owners as well as iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch owner who have upgraded their devices to iOS 5.0 and onwards can take sigh of relief. Otherwise we have posted a detailed tutorial to downgrade iOS 5.0.1 to iOS 4.3.3 to get untethered Jailbreak as well as getting rid of these issues.

Source Macerkopf

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