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iOS 5.0.1 Update Brought New Issues Rather Than Fixes

If you are a regular follower of Koolmobile then you must be knowing that Apple has recently released iOS 5.0.1 firmware for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. The main purpose of bring this quick update was to resolve iPhone 4S battery life issues which has been badly effecting most of the users and some security related such as the Smart Cover hack.

Users took no time to upgrade their devices from iOS 5 to iOS 5.0.1 thinking it will resolve long awaited battery drain issue but things didn’t go accordingly. After successful upgrade, Not only better related issues stayed their but also some new issues being reported such as  microphone malfunctioning, Wi-Fi signal loss and cellular network issues.

In addition to what we have discussed above, we have also reported another issue related to Contacts App which is currently unable to recognize all names and numbers saved inside Contacts.app due to which when users try to make a phone call or sending a Text Message, iOS 5.0.1 don’t pickup the name with the number as usual.

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