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iOS 10 Will Let You Remove Stock Apps but not Delete Them

As you are already aware that Apple has released the details of upcoming iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad & iPod devices with tons of new features during WWDC 2016. Among all new features, apple has confirmed that users will now be allowed to remove built-in stock ios apps from your iPhone, iPhone and iPod touch home Screen. In addition to that by removing apps from Home screen all related user data and configuration files will also removed.


WWDC 2016

However, it has not been confirmed yet if stock apps will be permanently deleted from your device or not. Although it will be taken as a welcome move by users who are annoyed of these builtin apps icons placed on Home Screen but would have been better if it can be deleted permanently. Apple has also mentioned these these stock apps takes about 150MB of your storage space and removing them won’t have any effect on the way you use your device.

Moreover, if you want to get already removed stock apps again then go to appstore and search for the app to download and restore on your device. However, you may face different prompt screen while removing these apps. For example if you choose to remove watch app whereas it is already paired with smart watch then you will get a prompt to unpair it first.

iOS Developers Beta is available for download via developers.apple.com whereas Public Beta is expected in July with final release fall this year. If you have not checked the upcoming features of iOS 10 then click here for detail.

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