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Intel to release first x86 Smartphone after Android 4.0 Release

Intel is anxiously waiting for Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich update release as it supports Intel x86 platform therefore Intel can finally release its own version of Smartphones. It was long due that Intel will be stepping into Android business with its x86 processors range which had finally be integrated into the upcoming IceCream Sandwich release expected by end of this month. Therefore Intel expects to release its upcoming x86 based smartphones by mid of next year.

Most of the Android handsets available today are ARM based with chip manufacturers like Samsung, Qualcomm and Nvidia however Intel is one of the major rival of ARM but ti had to work really swift in order to become significant market player in Processor development. As you might be aware of the fact that Intel was devoted on MeeGo development which has been recently dumped for good in favor of Tizen therefore its the right time to step into the x86 processor business.

It is expected that Intel x86 processor will bring in good change in the Android development and the OEM handsets will be a definite plus not only for Intel but for consumers as well.

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