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Intel Says Googdbye to MeeGo in favor of Tizen – Mobile OS for tablets, netbooks, smartphones

MeeGo was announced in February 2010 by Intel and Nokia collaboration based on Linux open source. MeeGo was designed to target Netbooks, Smartphone and In-Car entertainment systems especially for Nokia devices. Leter in November 2010 AMD also joined hands with Intel and Nokia to further develop MeeGo into a success product. However after more than one and a half year we could on see few devices running on MeeGo including Nokia N9, Nokia N950 and LG GW990 which could not gather market attention and recently we had seen that Intel was trying to finder partner for developing MeeGo but now Intel alongwith its partners have decided to let go MeeGo in place of Tizen announced by Linux Foundation.

Tizen similarly will be the choice of OS for Tablets, Smartphones, Netbooks, Smart TVs and In-Car entertainment Systems and the project will be led by Intel and Samsung has Nokia has put their hands down in favor of Windows Phone 7 OS. Although their is no official statement for closure of MeeGo but a post on MeeGo website directs developers to transform their MeeGo development in Tizen Platform. Currently Tizen is only open for developers as their are no users and statement for Nokia, LG and other manufacturers is awaited that their devices will provide Tizen upgrade or otherwise. As the latest device release by Nokia named N9 has not even hit the shelves in US since the release last month.

The announcement of Tizen came at a time when Apple is planning for its iOS 5 release whereas Microsoft has just announced the Windows Phone Mango 7.5 update.

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