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Install Honeycomb on your HTC Flyer Android 3.2 Step by Step Guide

You might be aware of the fact that Honeycomb Beta has been released for HTC Flyer however the installation of Android 3.2 Honeycomb on the the device is not easy as simple click therefore we would give you the complete step by step guide to perform the activity via Android Modaco.


Note: Must comply with the points below before proceeding ahead

  • The process is only recommended for experts! (don’t try to attempt if you are not aware of OS upgrade)
  • This step by step guide is meant and tested on Euro WWE 32GB 3G Flyer (it may work for other versions but are not tested)
  • You have to proceed on your own risk and we will take no responsibility if you brick your tablet
  • Do NOT attempt to run the RUU in it’s entirety nor ‘fastboot flash rom.zip’ – coz the changes made will be irreversible and might damage your HTC Flyer
  • Flashing any RUUs could revert you to S-ON on a broken system so be careful as this could leave you stuck
Step by Step Procedure as narrated by Android Modaco is,

With that out of the way, here are some things you also need to know…

  • Before attempting this, it is strongly recommended you ensure you have a RUU install that makes your current Gingerbread install version
  • Assuming you use this guide and have the above file, you CAN downgrade to Gingerbread
  • This ROM is COMPLETELY stock – a MCR will follow
  • Please don’t repost this guide – link here so the version the reader has is always current

OK? Ready? Let’s go.

  • Ensure you have an RUU that matches the ROM version on your Flyer. I used the 2.00.405.3 WWE ROM which can be found here – DOWNLOAD – MD5: 28a32c0b1262ced44a547e4a9a42d9b0. This is important for rollback purposes and disaster recovery purposes. Ensuring you have the RUU and your device version matches is your responsibility! If you use a different RUU however, post it below for your peers to benefit from.
  • Download the Honeycomb system image for clockworkmod – you’ll need this later – DOWNLOAD – MD5: a068750ade064f4fe3913fe9e13d976f
  • Download the Honeycomb radio image – you’ll need this later – DOWNLOAD – MD5: d6b36ccb1cbdc0a86f41a8f63b7ae52f
  • Download the Honeycomb boot image – you’ll need this later – DOWNLOAD – MD5: 26f53c6a6e686751e300340af7496b8c
  • Download the revolutionary recovery image patched for new hboot compatability – you’ll need this later -DOWNLOAD – MD5: 16fe327f70c3036af69c19ec93b87e44
  • Download the updated hboot – you’ll need this later – ensure you check the MD5 after download (VERY important) – DOWNLOAD – MD5: 2eb541192be861ecceb2baa254403ade
  • Unlock your Flyer’s bootloader with Revolutionary.
  • You should still be in bootloader – if not, use ‘adb reboot bootloader’ to return to fastboot
  • Flash your device’s radio with the Honeycomb radio with the fastboot command ‘fastboot flash radio stock-hc-flyer-radio.img’
  • Flash your device’s boot image with the Honeycomb boot image with the fastboot command ‘fastboot flash boot stock-hc-flyer-boot.img’
  • Launch ClockworkMod recovery – navigate to the ‘bootloader’ menu then select ‘recovery’
  • Push the new hboot to your device (you’ve checked the MD5 right?) and flash – ‘adb push stock-hc-flyer-hboot_1.11.0006.nb0 / && adb shell dd if=/stock-hc-flyer-hboot_1.11.0006.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18’
  • Reboot to the new bootloader – ‘adb reboot bootloader’
  • You are now in a state where you must unlock the bootloader using the HTC tools – visithttp://www.htcdev.com/bootloader/ and follow the instructions (Flyer compatability isn’t listed, but it’ll work)
  • Flash your device’s recovery with the patched-to-work-with-new-hboot revolutionary recovery – ‘fastboot flash recovery revolutionary-cwm-’
  • Launch ClockworkMod recovery – navigate to the ‘bootloader’ menu then select ‘recovery’
  • Flash the Honeycomb system zip by copying / pushing to sdcard (adb shell mount /sdcard && adb push stock-hc-flyer-system.zip /sdcard/) then using the on screen menus
  • Erase data / cache using the on screen menus
  • Reboot the device and you should be done!
Developer & Tester Android Modaco

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