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Install Android Market 3.2.0 for Ice Cream Sandwich, Download APK

Google and Samsung has delayed the launch of Galaxy Nexus in respect of Steve Jobs death. Galaxy Nexus which is a codenamed for Nexus Prime is going to be the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich device and will be considered as a tough  competitor of Apple’s recently launched iPhone 4S. Galaxy Nexus launch has delayed but its applications has already started appearing for android users.


A new version of Android market called v3.2.0  has been already leaked which is officially planned to be launched with Google’s next Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS (Android 4.0). You follow the below mentioned procedure to get it on your Android smartphones.


This new build 3.2.0 .apk can be installed on existing Android market version but it is expected that it won’t work. In that case you will require your device to be rooted.


1.  Download Phonesky.apk file and move it to your SD card.
2.  Copy the Phonesky.apk file which can be found in your device Root Explorer.
3.  Move into /system/app and hit the R/W button to mount – then paste the file.
4.  Rename your current Vending.apk file to Vending.apk1.
5.  Keep holding Phonesky.apk file and rename it to Vending.apk.
6.  Afterwards, long press on it again and choose “Permissions.”
7.  Choose the permission options as mentioned below

8.  Press “OK”, reboot your device and enjoy the new market.

Source Droid Life

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