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Install Android 3.2 Honeycomb on Laptops, Netbooks and PC’s [Tutorial]

Ever wondered running Android on your Laptop, Netbook or PC, although it sounds a bit odd for Laptops and PCs however netbooks can greatly benefit being low processing power machines. In the past couple of year you might have recapped that it all started from Smartphones however soon it was widely available for TV Set Top Boxes, digital TVs, in car entertainment systems etc and now developers have unleashed their true power by porting them onto standard Laptops and PCs. Therefore developers have started Android x86 Project which is aimed to port Android onto Laptops, Netbooks and PCs.

All you need to know about installing Android Honeycomb on Laptops, Netbooks or PCs require to download ISO from link below and use UNetbootin to installed the image from USB. One you have made the USB you are all set to go to install them by following simple wizard. When you are done installing you can even run WiFi on your device as Android Market is installed so that you can install your favorite Applications, Games and Utilities. However there are still some bugs being reported but so far Asus Netbooks are best compatible with Android Honeycomb.

You can view the  complete review of Android 3.2 running on Asus Eee PC in video below,


We expect that Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich is ported for installation of Laptops, Netbooks and PCs so that all the true benefits of Dual Core processing can be enjoyed.

Source Android-x86

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