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InfoGraphic: Some Of Steve Jobs’ Greatest Accomplishments by Column Five [Report]

If you are following Koolmobile you must be aware of the fact that Steve Jobs’ Apple Co-founder and CEO has stepped down as CEO couple of days ago may be due to health reasons. Column Five have come up with a nice infographic which enlists some of the major accomplishments of Steve Jobs since the inception of Apple.

Way back almost 35 years i.e. in 1976 Steve Jobs founded Apple along with his partner Steve Wozniak, who later left Apple. Apple I was the first computer which was created by Apple sold for 666$ which was later succeeded by Apple II requiring minimalistic start up and configuration. Apple II was the first major success for Apple and later in 1984 the company was created the Macintosh providing on of the first GUI based OS for general public. Mac on the first impression did not appeal the developers hence resulted in lower sales which lead Apple to shunt out Jobs from his own company. In the meantime Apple created Pixar which is now owned by Disney. Jobs hardships finally paid off the in 1996 he was made interm CEO when Apple was passing through hard time. There difficult times resulted in more hard work and creation of iMacs, iBook, PowerMacs and PowerBooks running Mac OSX which captured the attention of the masses and boosted the company’s sales. 2001 was marked as the year of iPod followed by iPhone in 2007 and 2010 as iPad. These three products iPod, iPhone and iPad changed the music player, smartphones and tablets markets.

Although Steve Jobs have quit as Apple CEO however he will still be overlooking the  Apple affairs to provide even more mind blowing products.

Source : Column Five Media

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