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InfoGraphic: Evolution of the Mobile Phone by PDT [Report]

Its almost 3 decades since Mobile Phones have been part of our daily lives however in last few years the Mobile Phones have become very resource hungry requiring more processing power same as a desktop PC. Nowadays Mobile Phones have become more or less PC as they have processors with even Dual core processors, RAM, ROM and permanent Storage. PDT.com has recently generated an info graphic displaying the life cycle of mobile phones starting from StarTrek type devices to Monophonic Tones devices to colored screens and then iPhones. However with this infographic the coming years will be bring even more interesting devices like Asus Padfone and Eee Transformer which can potentially harm PC counterparts as they will be having huge processing power along with word processing, emails, calender management etc right at your fingertips.

We will keep you posted about the latest developments however in the meantime look at the infographic of Mobile Phone evolution,

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