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Increase your Android Phone Battery Life With The Flick of a Wrist by Adjusting Screen Brightness

The smartphone market is quickly taking over the segment of the mobile handset market and due to its fast growing speed it will soon outpace the overall handset market. However, even after gaining so much popularity within no time, smartphones battery technology hasn’t kept up at the same time. It really makes your life sucks when you find your phone dead halfway through the day. Although we have already discussed about different Tips to Increase Battery Life of Android Smartphone but once again Thanks to an XDA Developer Marinelli.Tv who has made this job even more easier for you.


As you already know that the easiest way to increase your smartphone batter life is by adjusting your screen brightness and mostly keeping it at low level. Although you will find auto brightness function in most of the existing and upcoming Android smartphones but you don’t find it working all the time. Therefore, you might want to adjust it manually in a quicker way rather than doing it through long conventional procedure.

Thanks to An XDA member, Marinelli.Tv, who has come up with a solution called Brightness Motion Pro specially for those who complain about excessive battery drain. It enables you to adjust your screen brightness as simple as with the flick of the wrist. All you have to do is flick your wrist on your right to increase the brightness and on the left to decrease the brightness. Moreover, App also allows you to do it through an icon displayed on your notification panel.

There are two different types of version available. The paid version called Brightness Motion Pro has got more advanced features such as like, start up on boot, initiate auto brightness, brightness slider control etc and costs only $.99 for a limited time. There is also an ad-supported free version which is simple and can be used to enjoy the basic functionality.

You can download the paid version from here and free version from here.

Via [talkandroid]

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