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iMessage Bug lets thieves text your contacts even after remote wipe

iMessage allows you BBM style messaging using your data connection however one of the bug recently found allows thieves to use your iMessage ID as it is associated with iPhone rather than the SIM. One of the major feature of iCloud is “Find my iPhone” service which allows you to find your stolen iPhone and remotely wipe data. The issue was spotted by Ars Technica and according to him the only solution available by now is to delete Apple ID.

Our attention was drawn to this story by Ars reader David Hovis, whose house was recently burglarized and his wife’s iPhone 4S was stolen. According to Hovis, his wife deactivated her iPhone with her carrier, remote wiped it, and immediately changed her Apple ID password—”we picked up a new iPhone the next day, figuring that our insurance would end up paying for it,” Hovis told Ars.

For most users, this would be the end of the story. The phone number had been transferred to a new device and the old one had been deactivated; what more is there to say? A lot, apparently, and in the form of iMessages. The thief who stole Mrs. Hovis’ iPhone had sold the device to an unsuspecting buyer elsewhere in the state, and the buyer had begun sending and receiving iMessages from the phone as Mrs. Hovis—even though the stolen phone had apparently now been activated under a new number.

It is expected that Apple will soon address the issue and as soon as we get the details we will keep you update.

Source Ars Technica

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