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IM+ Video – Free Video calls and voice calls on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Recently we have seen a trend of adding Free Video calls on Skype then Facebook and now IM+ is about to announce its Free Video calls. With the already mature feature set of IM+ now the addition of video support on new application by ShapeServices will be a plus. This announcement has come from no other than ShapeServices themselves at their website.

Some of the features as announced by ShapeServices are,

IM+ Video for iPhone

Free video and voice calls

The one and only application offering free Facebook video and VoIP calls without any hidden costs.
IM+ Video has what it takes to make your everyday Facebook communication even more social.

IM+ Video for iPhone

Store your communication

For your convenience, IM+ Video keeps conversation history and event log with each of your contacts, so that you could review your chats anytime.

IM+ Video for iPhone

No carrier/network restrictions

IM+ Video uses your current Internet connection whether you are on WiFi, 3G or Edge.
Note: When on 3G/Edge connection, you will be charged by your wireless carrier for the transferred data according to your existing data plan

IM+ Video for iPhone

Call all your Facebook friends

Calls can be received on Facebook website and you can call all your Facebook friends, not only IM+ Video users.

Note: IM+ Video uses its own video/voice data transfer system and is not affiliated nor compatible with Facebook video chat.

Source: IM+ Video ShapeServices


Update: IM+ Released Check at AppStore

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