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iCloud Will Be released On October 12th, Free For iOS 5 And OS X Lion Users

iCloud integration in iOS 5 GM Build was announced to be released on October 12th recently during iPhone 4 release which had previously been available in the form of iTunes 10.5 Betas. iCloud feature allows you to store your documents, music, files and images onto an online storage which can be accessed from iPhone, iPad,iPod Touch, Apple TV, Mac or Desktop PC through iTunes or Website. There we can simply say that it acts as unified access to your data from any Apple platform. It also acts as MobileMe replacement and integrates the data of your MobileMe account into iCloud alongwith FindMyiPhone and FindMyMac features.

Some of the major features of iCloud release are,

  • Wireless Syncing
    One of the advantage iCloud provides is that you can Sync your iDevice’s data including contacts, messages, calenders etc without the need to connect them with Mac/PC. Also you can sync your documents on iCloud thereby removing the need to use third party applications as Dropbox etc.
  • iTunes Music 
    All your Music will by Sync on the iCloud servers and managed efficiently by creating an online Music repository without replication of Music for each account rather simple linking to the already available tracks thereby reducing the wait to upload each and every music file.
  • Backup
    You can backup all your important data online and access them wherever you want. It doesn’t stop here rather you can import this data onto another Apple device meaning you can import onto your new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch if you have upgraded without the hassle to connect to the internet.
iCloud service has been initially targeted for US customers for $25 per year however we will see the services extension around the glode in coming months.
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