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iAP Cracker – Turn inApp purchases Free Angry Bird Eagle, Jetpack Joyride, Earth & Legend, Vlingo for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


There are lot of Applications and Games which ask for inApp purchase for additional functionaltiy so Jailbreak community has come up with a way to bypass purchase and allowing to to obtain that functionality for free by using iAP Cracker. iAP Cracker cracks dlc/inapp purchases file residing on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and bypassing server check. This functionality is being acheived by MobieSubstrate.

All you have to do is install iAP Cracker by following the procedure here. And just do an inApp purchase  it wont ask for iTunes login when you make purchase however if any Application or Game still asks for iTunes login it means iAP Cracker does not work on that particular Application or Game. It wont work on all the Applications and Games but a lot of them will. Some of the applications and Games Free inApp Purchase working so far include,

iAP Cracker note by urus,

First note this is a beta app and im looking for testers. it cracks easy dlc/inapp purchases.as long as the game/app doesnt check the purchase with a server. it uses mobilesubstrate for this: buy something inapp like normal and youll get it free!it wont ask for an itunes login when you make a purchase. if it does try to confirm a purchase then its NOT WORKING and WILL COST YOU MONEY.it wont work with every app but alot should. post here if it works for youDOWNLOAD
cydia repo: cydia.myrepospace.com/urus
deb download: multiupload.com/FZNI87UGHU

Note: This procedure is posted for trial purposes to check the functionality of inApp Purchase but if you like the Application or Game please purchase it from AppStore.

Updated Apps & Games reported working: 

  • TextNow
  • HeyTell 
  • Techno Kitten Adventure
  •  Perfectly Clear
  •  Photo Privacy (Linkus Inc.)
  •  Epic Gladiator
  •  Army of Dark Defense
  •  Super Scratchers
  •  Retina Wallpapers HD
  •  Flex Search
  •  Talking Tomcat 1 & 2
  •  Stupid Ninjas
  •  Office Zombie
  •  Temple Run
  •  Prize Claw
  •  Coin Dozer
  •  Prize Machine
  •  Cookie Dozer
  •  Prize Claw Halloween
  •  Zombie Highway
  •  Dirty Jokes for Facebook
  •  Photoforge 2
  •  Pocket Frogs
  •  Dismount
  •  DoodleCam
  •  Impossible Game
  •  PSN Friends
  •  FML
  •  Cut The Rope
  •  Jetpack Joyride
  •  Earth & Legend
  •  Vlingo
  •  Angry Birds Seasons
  •  Need For Speed
  •  Need For Speed Shift 2
  •  Line Birds
  •  Tiny Tower
  •  Early Bird
  •  Tiny Ball
  •  Paper Toss
  •  Ninja Jump
  •  AroundMe
  • Comics
  •  AppZapp
  •  Office² Plus
  •  How to Draw
  •  iBuild HD
  •  Resto City
  •  Sims 3
  •  Sims 3: World Adventure
  •  Sims 3 Ambitions
  •  Asphalt 6
  •  Draw Race
  •  Diner Dash
  •  Ghost ‘N Goblins: Gold Knights
  •  iStunt 2
  •  NBA Jam
  •  Super KO Boxing 2
  •  Beejive IM
  •  Textfree with Voice
  •  NetStat
  •  IM+
  •  Smurfs Village
  •  Echofon
  •  Vtok
  •  Call of Mini Zombies
  •  Cause of Death

In order to enjoy these Applications and Tweaks you need to Jailbreak so you might like to see Redsn0w Jailbreak  & JailbreakMe or to Jailbreak while preserving your baseband (software unlock) see TinyUmbrella,  SnowBreeze &  PwnageTool.
For more stuff check out our Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks Gallery for iPhone/iPodThemes Gallery for iPhone/iPod,Games Gallary for iPhone/iPod & Appstore Apps Gallery for iPhone/iPod.

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  • Kristinacullen18

    I tried it on Tap Tap Revenge 4 and it wouldn’t work.

  • Kakarot1925

    it doesnt work on all apps unfortunately like kingdoms at war, Fast, Tap tap etc.

    • Anonymous

      Games requiring offline authentication DLC will work and server authenticated wont.

      • Shawn

        It does not work with NBA Jam. After I “purchase” it says (null).

        • Tennyson

          exactly. that is why i searched this up

  • aeee98

    It would not work on all games that require you to be on a server to buy the app. iAP crack works only for most offline games. Glu Games is confirmed to work.

    • Anonymous

      Yup, you are right that Games requiring offline authentication DLC will work and server authenticated wont.

  • Abc

    Galaxy on fire 2 dlc worked :6

  • Rawr

    You rock! Thanks a gazillion times.

    It does not seem to work on strom8 games though. After I buy points, I get a dialog box that says:
    “Thank you for your purchase! The following items have been added to your account: 1700 honor points”
    I don’t get the honor points even though it confirms it. I’m waiting to see if I’ll get them….it has been 5 hours already and haven’t not received the honor points yet.

    • Kaher2009

      if so it doesnt working because the app you are using is checking with it own sever a thing which is not supported by IAP

  • Lonelyboy_akw

    how do you be sure if the crack works?

    • Muhammad Arslan Azmat

      If its does not asks you for iTunes login and completes inApp purchase it means iAP Cracker has worked

  • Cpalalay

    I tried it on Smurf Village And Monster Shop.. looks like it works… it doesn’t ask for login or nothing.. its just has a loader and i get the in app purchase…

  • Xghettorican87x

    Works on baseball superstars 11 and 2 also on mall friends still testing

  • Ckalli

    works on X-Plane

  • Ckalli

    beejive GT… swingbyswing (golf app) …love this, except the changes always shows an update. never goes.

  • Ckalli

    beejive GT… swingbyswing (golf app) …love this, except the changes always shows an update. never goes.

  • Ckalli

    beejive GT… swingbyswing (golf app) …love this, except the changes always shows an update. never goes.

  • Shortland

    Works on god finger :D, my town, snowy farm, zombie farm, and zombie cafe.

    -snowy farm
    -zombie farm
    -zombie cafe

  • Guest

    Nice app, I tried with we rule delux, but it didn’t work, I tried to buy mojo, but nothing happen , no iTunes log in or no additional mojo.

  • Betreyed21898

    No iTunes login on earth and magic but nothing shows up after the purchase. Cannot figurenout how to get the item from the general store

    • Miaj20

      Me too. Nothing happens?

  • Sethtrammell

    will it work with infinity blade?

  • Seth

    will it work with infinity blade?

  • Whahsu

    crashes after purchase is made in com2us home run battle and purchase won’t load

  • Mikenelse

    Will I be busted later on, and shook down for 14 thousand dollars in in app purchases?

    • Moonkat91

      That’s what I’m worried about as well ._.
      I mean, it’s all fun and games when we’re getting freebies, but then what happens when we get a call from Apple 3 weeks/months/years down the line asking for us to pay up the 30k we owe them O.o

  • 1st

    works on lane splitter

  • Kaher2009


  • Crozzlight

    The other bug I test after using iAP cracker is if u decide want to buy an in-app purchase bcoz some game doesn’t work with iAP. BUT YOU CAN’T ! After u remove iAP and buy an in-app … It will show error like [ Unable to complete your purchase ] or something else..

  • 32420-84234

    These games are charging $100 for bullshit! For stupid as gems and coins? Everyone should be doing this!!

  • Thjuf

    Works on NHL gamecenter live

  • klcdvljklsd844

    it did not work in my ipad

  • Coolshreyans3

    plz help…..is there any software like iap cracker for android??

  • Ghostboy

    Hope they fix battleship craft

  • angeyzombeh

    Dragonvale and beemo app works

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