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iA Writer for IOS and OSX updated to support iCloud folder and Mountain Lion

The developers (Information Architects) of the iA  Writer,a minimalist,multi-platform writing application,have updated the iOS and OSX versions thereby enabling the user to use the Apple’s iCloud with more ease.

The 1.3 Version for the iA writer,on the Mac side has a fully reconstucted window framework and new parser that enhances the speed and improves performance with third party apps and multiple monitors.This version fully supports Mountain Lion.

Users can now organise and create files and folders using this solely this application,enabled by the new browser that is stored in the iCloud app.

In the IOS version,the norm for creating files on Apple’s touch phones has been used ie when u want to put one folder into a new folder,you just have to drag the document and drop it into the new document.

“Responsive Typography” is also featured whereby the quality of the typeface is enhanced whether you are using the older iPhone 3GS or the new iPad that comes with the retina display.

The iA Writer is available on the App Store however to take full advantage of the OSX version you have to be running the OSX Mountain Lion version which will soon be available.

Source: Information Architects

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