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I9101 Galaxy S II NFC Enabled To be Launched Next Month by Orange France

Noways most Telecom carriers are looking to offer NFC enabled devices to their customers. Recently we have reported you about NFC Enabled iPhone Case certified by Apple has been offered by Korean carrier for their customers. Previously we also reported you can transform your iPhone 4 into an NFC enabled device as it was not officially equipped with NFC enabled chip. Now Orange France has announced the launch of Samsung Galaxy S II NFC enabled by next month.


It will be part of their Cityzi line which has over 150,000 users which will ultimately get the benefit by using this NFC enabled Galaxy S II phone as a public transport pass or for shopping in partner stores. Moreover, it is also expected once it is launched in France, the NFC Galaxy S II will later hitting other countries but there’s no official date has been announced yet.

Apart from NFC feature rest of the spec of S II specs which includes 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 4.3″ SuperAMOLED Plus screen, 8MP camera etc have been kept same. The NFC-capable Galaxy S II for Orange France will be equipped with special SIM card to enable the Cityzi features and subsequently secure transactions. Neither price information nor exact date has been announced yet by Orange Frace.


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