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Hulu Plus for Apple TV App is Ready, Apple approval delayed deliberately due to Political Reasons

Hulu Plus for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch provides live streaming for your favorite TV shows as well as Movies. Recently Hulu Plus has redesigned the Hulu Plus application for Apple TV using AppStore however purportedly Apple is deliberately not approving Hulu Plus Apple TV Application as it stands as competitors to Apple native streaming services. Hulu Plus Application for Apple TV has been submitted to Apple for months however its not being approved due to political reasons as its directly competing the TV Section of iTunes.

“While there are no technical issues standing in the way of the Hulu Plus release on Apple TV, there appear to be some political ones. At some level at Apple, there appears to be some consideration that the Hulu Plus app could eat into iTunes TV sales on the Apple TV. Where Netflix tends to run older programming, iTunes is the Apple TV’s only outlet for current TV programming.”

Hulu Plus for Apple TV works on monthly subscription of $7.99/month to provide streaming to as many TV episodes and Movies as you like where as Apple TV section only allows download options. Although other major services providers like Netflix does not come into completion as it only provides Movies where as Hulu Plus and iTunes both provides the same TV shows brining in the conflict of interests.

Apple might be thinking of launching its own subscription based streaming services which may be the reason for not allowing Hulu Plus for Apple TV to start it services. But if this is a deliberate effort then its not something to be appreciated.

Source  9to5Mac

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