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Huawei to use Microsofts Android License OEM Patent [Report]

All the major manufactures who develop Android devices including HTC, Samsung, Compal pay Android license fees and there are very few who have made their mark but they have yet to join the licensed party and Huawei is at the top. Therefore its not too far that they have to become OEM Android manufacturer. Chief Marketing Officer Huawei, Victor Xu, has announced that “negotiations are in progress” with Microsoft to use the intellectual proprietary rights for Android patents of Microsoft, he also said,

 “We always respect the intellectual property of companies. But we have 65,000 patents worldwide too. We have enough to protect our interests. We are a very important stakeholder in Android”

With this deal also being kept secret as always Microsoft will even become more strong Android stakeholder. You must also not that recently Hauwei has launched quite powerful Android handsets including Hauwei Honor, Huawei Vision etc. Therefore Huawei must have judged from demand of their handsets that they must enter the licensed community for Android platform. If this deal stands successful the other major Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE might also follow the same path as they also have some nice Android Smartphones under their belt e.g. ZTE Skate, Tania and T98 Tablet with remarkable sales record due to lower costs. But one thing which is for sure is that the prices of Huawei Android devices will sky rocket which is not a good sign for end consumers.

Source Guardian

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