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HTML5 Player, Safari Extension, Replacement of YouTube Flash Player

If you are a Mac user then you must be already aware of the fact that Mac system doesn’t come with in build adobe Flash Player support just because Apple’s think that it is a  resource-hungry technology. Although it is quite irritating as it won’t let you watch flash player videos on YouTube but without it will be left these with three options.

  1. Avoid Flash content altogether which feels like impossible just because major of the content available on internet requires flash to work.
  2. Shift to Google’s Chrome browser which comes with built-in latest version of flash player support but it would be considered as a forced option for safari users.
  3.  Stick with dreaded Flash in spite of it being a resource hungry technology.
HTML5 Player, developed by Joris Vervuurt, is a Safari extension which replaces YouTube Flash Player with an HTML5 video player. However, most of you already know that YouTube has been offering HTML5 video player for quite sometime now but Vervuurt’s dedicated extension beats YouTube’s solution as it is to use and has an option to choose maximum video resolution (360p, 720p, 1080p and 4K). On the top of that, it also supports Flash videos embedded on other sites. However, the only limitation it has that the  it will play the video only when HTML5 compatible version of the video is available on the YouTube servers.

The FlashtoHTML5 extension can be download from here. It requires Safari 5 and works under OS X Lion, especially used withClick2Flash, a Flash-blocking plug-in for Safari.
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