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HTC Sense 3.0 Lockscreen On Any Android Device With Agile Lock

HTC has recently announced its new Sense UI 3.0 for their devices. They have also announced that this new interface will be available only on new devices. However, if are running Android and your device doesn’t support Sense UI 3.0 can also get its experience by installing a free application which stimulates the new interface lockscreen better than in supported devices.

SOLA Team who has already developed many other tweak has created yet another tweak called “Agile Lock”. HTC Sense UI 3.0 has overhauled the entire user interface but  new smoother-looking lockscreen is a major part of it.  Agile lock won’t give you all the improvements. However lockscreen is mostly similar to the one found in Sense 3.0.  “Agile Lock” includes several customization options that allow users to change the appearance and behavior of the custom lockscreen very easily.  Here i am going to give you short brief about some customized settings.

  • “Font settings” will allow users to set different types of font styles for the Clock. Templates are not included so you have select the perfect look by trying one by one.
  • “Background” option will change your lock screen’s background just like you do it using Sense or Android’s default user interface.
  • “Shortcuts” will give you an option to set different shortcuts which will be displayed on the lockscreen. The positive side of this option is that it will get you to a specific feature fast, without unlocking your device. Whereas on negative side, it may open an app by accident. It is therefore suggested that you don’t put shortcuts to any important apps.
  • “Music Controls” will show you the music detail which is currently being played on the home screen. Moreover, it will also display basic controls that let users play and pause the song that’s being played at any given time.

HTC Sense user interface is fully integrated into every HTC device, including Android smartphones. Sense 3.0 is coming with all new HTC phone models, including the HTC Sensation and the HTC EVO 3D. Agile Lock doesn’t give you all the features which are available in Sense 3.0 but it gives a fresh look to those who currently own older smartphones. There’s a free and a paid version of the app which you can get here and here, respectively, or from the Android Market from within your device.

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