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HP Touchpad gets Xrom Custom Android ROM Honeycomb Style – Download & Install Now

After a lapse of over a month when last Cyanogen Mod Alpha 2 Android Mod for HP TouchPad was released now Team Xrom have come up with a tweaked version of Cyanogen Mod with modified interface and user interface. The Xrom Custom Android ROM for HP Touchpad gives look of Android 3.x Honeycomb where the theme, icons and wallpapers are tweaked as Honeycomb Tablet. The Xrom Mod not only caters for only interface icons and design but also features Honeycomb styled widgets which work in almost the same manner as they do on Honeycomb tablet. Moreover the boot animation has been replaced with Android animation on Google Nexus One smartphone. It does not end here the mod also provides you ample lot of applications including Google Music, Google Talk (with video support), the Swype keyboard apps, Adobe Flash Player, and Netflix.

Some of the major features of Xrom Custom Android ROM for HP TouchPad are,

  • Testing SOD fix (Thanks CM team)
  • Fixed live wallpaper
  • Set density back to 160 (sorry for bouncing back and forth)
  • Blue Gmail/Gtalk (thanks zone23)
  • HC like status bar ( STOCK HC ICONS )
  • HC clock widget ( STOCK HC CLOCK )
  • Galaxy HC color settings icons
  • HC wallpaper
  • Put density back to 140 (just looks better)
  • Added wireless printing
  • Transparent notification window
  • This is a blue themed ROM so if you don’t like it, sorry.

Sneak preview Xrom Custom Android ROM and how to install,

Before you can start it is recommended that ACMEUninstaller be used to uninstalled the CyanogenMod and then simply head to the installation procedure of Cyanogen Mod Alpha 2 whereby replacing the files with Xrom Custom Android ROM downloaded from here.

Source RootzWiki 

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