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HP TouchPad Android Port Cyanogen Update – Bluetooth Functional, Work Started on Camera Support

Last week Cyanogen team had made an Issues list on which the progress was being shared publicly on whats being sorted out at the moment to get the Android working on HP Touchpad. The amin theings which were effecting the Android port to run on Touchpad were Camera, Bluetooth, Headphone, Display Wakeup bugs however recently CyanogenMod Team had resolved the Bluetooth issue and made it functional for interconnections.  Thereby all the Bluetooth enabled devices can be connected including hands-free, keyboards and file transfers between devices.

Although its not an easy task as the hardware which is not designed to support a specific software is difficult to fit in but Cyanogen Team is all out to make this Android port successful. Now Cyanogen tema has made the list of outstanding issues public according to which there are 35 issues in total (9 new issues) including the critical, high and the low priority issues. This list is a floating list and will keep onadding and removing based on the testing going on Android Port however some of the salient issues being faced by CyanogenMod Team are,

  • Reboot to WebOS menu
  • Camera support to be added
  • Reboot to Android WebOS app
  • Touch Screen power management
  • Touchscreen events are ignored after sleep
  • Battery reporting
  • Enable root access
  • Wifi performance is shaky
  • Plugging in Headphone does not turn Speaker off
  • Gyroscope, Screen auto-orientation and video playback
For last few weeks since HP officially turned down WebOS and put TouchPad on 99$ Clearance lot of developersare working to get something big out of 99$ 1.2 GHz Dual Core device whether it be installation of Android 2.2.1 on HP TouchPad or installation of CynogenMod 7 on HP TouchPad. Although a mjor chunck of work has been done but still some fine tuning will take time. HP TouchPad Android 2.2.1 port appeared followed by installation of CynogenMod 7 on HP TouchPadAndroid 2.3.x Gingerbread And webOS Dual BootOverclocking HP Touch Pad to 1.9 Ghz andAndroid Port gets MultiTouch support was revealed.

In the development which is being done at the moment its not guaranteed that every Android feature work exactly as planned how ever the overall implementation of Multi touch is a major success. Development is being done at fast pace and soon we will see a complete solution on how to port your HP Touch Pad onto Android.

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