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HP Planning to retain PC division after all [Report]

Few months back Hewlett Packard had announced that it is all set to change the business model big time. HP was interested in expanding its enterprise services as it acquired and enterprise company named Autonomy in the same efforts for $10 billion and at the same time the company was all set to Spin off its consumer PC division called Personal Systems Group. However today the news came that HP has rehashed its thinking an its not spinning off its PC division vide official press release.

It means that Hewlett Packard will be manufacturing Laptops, PCs and Netbooks for consumers which are highly appreciated due to the price tag vis a vis quality of hardware. Also HP is famous for its Printer section which has never come in any discussion as the company is market leader in that field therefore they have never thought of planning something big for that division.

The announcement came at the time of former CEO Leo Apotheker who was fired and replaced with former eBay CEO Meg Whitman after which the things have started changing and decision taken during ex CEO are being reversed. Now the time will tell that this is the only big decision which is reversed or there will a number of others to follow. And one of the most famous decision of that time was officially turning down the WebOS and HP TouchPad as well as couple of HP Smartphones namely Pre and Veer.

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