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How To Use Google Music Outside USA [Tutorial]

Google in an attempt to compete with iTunes, Amazon Music Store as well as addition of services like iTunes Match, Cloud Storage has released it’s Google Music Store which could pave the way for Google to further increase the music content  foot print. Google music application can be download from Android Market for free but officially it is available only for US customers. However, a workaround has been found by folks over Engadget which involves Tor (the anonymity network) which allows Google Music to work for users living outside the USA.


1-   Search and download “com.google.android.music.4.0.9.apk“.

2-   Now you need to download and install Tor browser bundle from here depending upon your OS.

3-   Run Tor software located on your computer desktop.

4-   You will find “Vidalia Control panel” window open showing Green onion icon with status “connected to the Tor network” . At the same time, Tor’s integrated browser will also start.

5-   Close the browser.

6-   From the main menu press on “View the Network” option.

7-   Now search for the US based nodes which will be recognized with little US flag. Right click and select copy > fingerprint for a US-based node. preferably paste the US-based node fingerprint  to a text file as it will be used steps ahead.

8-   Close the Tor Network Map window.

9-   In “Vidalia Control panel” click on Settings option and head over to Advanced tab whereas you will find an option to edit torrc file.click on it to to start editing.

10-   Add following lines of code on the top of the file:

ExitNodes XXX
StrictExitNodes 1

Make sure you replace XXX with fingerprint copied in step 7. Click on OK.

11-   Now close Tor and Run it again.

12-   As soon as the Tor’s browser opens, login to music.google.com for initial setup.

13-   Once done, exit from both Tor’s browser and Tor itself.

14-   Install Google Music desktop software which is used to upload music from desktop. Make sure you have installed Google Music downloaded in step 1 on your Android device by enabling Unknown Sources option from Settings > Applications.

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