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How to Unbrick Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Using Kindle Fire Unbrick Utility

While using an Android device and playing with flashing various ROMs released by developers will certainly increase changes of bricking your device. But there are very few utilities released by the developers which actually bring back your Android device. Similarly, if you have you already bricked your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet or if it is stucked in a recovery loop? Stuck at the boot logo? Failed modding \system\app or framework-res.apk? then don’t worry because an XDA developer named as Zombiepiratez has released a new tool called Kindle Fire Unbrick Utility V0.1 which actually Unbricks your Kindle Fire.

From Developer:

Unfortunately, I have broken/sprained my wrist, and am unable to move my fingers without a fairly great amount of pain. This is only my right hand, but sadly, I am right-handed. For the next month, I will be unable to code, meaning no new versions or bugfixes.

Utility is basically an all in one Kindle Fire Unbricker which has a simple DOS based command prompt interface run on windows operating system. Once you run it, interface will ask you simple options which could be the reason of bricking your device, select the one which you think is the right and confirm. Here we go, your device is not back to live. Enjoy

So if you are one of the user who your Kindle Fire bricked then download the utility from here and bring your device back to original state. This utility only works on Windows Operating system.

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