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How To Transfer, Merge and Copy Data From MobileMe Account to iCloud

If you are a regular visitor then you must be knowing the today Apple has launched iCloud service just before the launch of iOS 5. If you have been already upgraded to iOS 5 then now you might want to copy, merge or transfer all your MobileMe Account data to iCloud account. We have prepared a step by step guide which can be used to make the successful transfer of MobileMe data to iCloud.


1-   Lunch iCloud.com and login with your MobileMe account.

2-   It will prompt you to first transfer your accout to iCloud. Press Get Started button to proceed further.

3-   It will take you to MobileMe.com and you will be asked to Sign in using MobileMe account login information.

4-   Click the Get Started button to initiate the transfer wizard.

5-   Press the Next button in order to confirm that your mail, contacts, and calendars will be transferred from MobileMe to iCloud.

6-  It is pertinent to mention here that you can enjoy your MobileMe services until June 30, 2012 after which it will be close. Now press the Next button.

7-   Just Press the Requirements button to continue.

8-   if you have not been upgraded your devices to iOS 5 and Mac OS X 10.7.2 then make sure you do it first and then check the “All of my devices are running the required software box” and press the Next button.

9-   Now you need to make sure that your contacts and bookmarks are up-to-date on at least one device. it is better you also take backup your contacts, calendars and bookmarks first and then press the Move to iCloud button.

10-   It will start moving your data from MobileMe to iCloud.

11-   Upon completion you will be asked to confirm if you want to setup alerts on each of your devices.

12-   Finally it will show you the Congratulations message for successful migration to iCloud.


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