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How to Take Screenshots on Windows Phone 7 Using Screen Capturer version 2

Mobile OS Screenshot feature allows you to capture whatever is being display on your mobile phone screen. iOS users have already familiar with this feature which comes as integrated and gives great advantage over other operating systems. Android users will get this feature as part of upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 operating system whereas Windows Phone 7 users yet to hear any official announcement from Microsoft regarding this feature and currently using a seperate camera as an alternate.

Thanks to Windows Phone 7.x development community who has brought a much better way to take screenshots through a newly released tool called “Screen Capturer”. Tool has been discovered by WPCentral which was initially appeard at WPXAP forums works on developer-unlocked devices running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

This is what WPCentral says about it:

 Here’s a useful utility for those of you who have a phone that is (a) developer unlocked and (b) interop-unlocked. There’s a new little toy out there that willl allow you to take screen caps right on your device without being tethered to the desktop.

The app comes out of the WPXAP forums and is just called ‘Screen Capturer’ version 2 as it now works on Mango devices.


1-   Download Edited XAP file of Screen Capturer 2 from here and then launch the app.

2-   Now you need to configure time between 1-60 seconds which means to wait before taking screenshot

3-   Click the button on the bottom

4-    Press the Windows Key and wait for the specified configured in step 2 before it actually takes the screenshot.

5-    Screenshot can be viewed from Picture > Albums > Saved picture.

6-   Now you need to wait for a message at the top of your screen.

Tests have been conducted and postive feedback is being received from Windows Phone users reside at different parts of the world.

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