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How to run Flash on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Running Flash content on Safari Browser is a big “NO” so Skyfire Labs has come up with a solution. Skyfire browser is available as Appstore Application which you can install and it gives you the option of viewing Flash Videos and Web content whcih are otherwise not supported in iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Skyfire Browser is available in AppStore for a price of 2.99 USD [link]

However, if you want to try it before purchasing you should have

  1. A Jailbroken iPhone, iPod or iPad [how to Jailbreak]
  2. Installous is installed on your iDevice [Installing Installous]
When both steps are completed you can search Skyfire in Installous and download/install.
After installation, run the Skyfire application and you will notice that its just another iPhone browser but infact its not just another browser rather it contains a pack of useful tweaks which are as follows,
Flash Video
Using this Flash video botton you can run flash videos which are avaiable on the internet even live flash streaming.
User Agent Switcher
You can choose to become mobile, pc or mac browser. For example the content of facebook.com is different for mobile and pc.
Facebook, Twitter and Social Networking Quick View
Shortcuts for facebook, twitter and social networking websites have been added for ease of use
Private Browsing
In Private browsing no data traces and caches are stored hence all data is cleared on session closure.
On opening a flash enabled website you will notice that Video icon at the bottom right corner will start searching for flash video contents and on success it will display a notification that flash video is avaialbe for running.
On clicking the notification will play the flash video which otherwise would not play on Safari Browser.
Skyfire browser removes the contention issue of running flash on Apple devices which should have been supported by default but till the time its not integrated you can rely on Skyfire.
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