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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I am sure you would not believe on it but its true that yet to be launched Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Google’s latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system has already been rooted. News has come from a developer  MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien has announced a rooting solution for Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Solution includes a rooting software called Superboot which installs a specialized boot image to the Galaxy Nexus and automatically roots it at startup. Therefore, now you don’t have to play around with your partitions in order to get a full control over phone. Step by step procedure mentioned by the developer is given below:

The superboot image is also ‘insecure’, allowing you to use ‘adb remount’ as well as having full ADB root access to your device until such time as you reboot after running this process (it’s a non permanent ADB root as it’s a ‘fastboot boot’ and not a ‘fastboot flash’)


1- Download Superboot r1 Zip file from here and extract to a directory.

2- Switch off your phone then turn on with the ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ buttons both pressed which will put your device in bootloader mode.

3- Now jump over to your system and RUN Command depending upon your operating system.

WINDOWS – double click ‘install-superboot-windows.bat’
MAC – Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, and type ‘chmod +x install-superboot-mac.sh’               followed by ‘./install-superboot-mac.sh’
LINUX – Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, and type ‘chmod +x install-superboot-linux.sh’ followed by ‘./install-superboot-linux.sh’

Note: If you are using a retail Galaxy Nexus, you may need to unlock the bootloader first, using ‘./fastboot-windows oem unlock’ (or the appropriate version for your machine). Note that the OEM unlock sequence wipes your device

Via [modaco]

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