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How To Root HTC EVO 3D[Tutorial]

In this post i will guide you step by step about how to route your HTC EVO 3D mobile phone. It will include everything need to get you from point A to point B. Moreover, It also includes all software, tips, tricks, and relevant pieces of information required in this easy to follow guide.

1-  Backup Your Apps and Settings and Clean Up Temp Root

a-   Temp route your HTC EVO 3D using RW HTC Evo 3D (Before doing it make sure HTC Sync must be “Turned Off”, Put your phone in “Charge Mode Only”, USB Debugging must be “Turned ON”)

b-   One you have successfully Temp Rooted your HTC EVO 3D, download and Install Titanium Backup from here.
c-   Go to Menu>Setting>SD & phone storage>Factory data reset.

Note:- Your phone will reboot, clean and almost ready to go. When your device reboots, press cancel on any updates and skip on the HTC Setup Wizard til you get to Homescreen.

2-   Obtain and write down your Sprint ID settings 

Dial ##3282# and look under profile for an @sprintpcs.com email address. Write it down. When you’re finished if you are unable to update your profile, go back in to the same menu under Edit and replace the email address. After a reboot and a profile update your data should be working again.

3-   Install Revolutionary Driver Pack and SDK Kit

a- Download and Install the android SDK from here.
b- download the driver pack from here.
c-  Download Mirror from here.

Note:- Make sure your phone IS NOT plugged in to the computer. If you have HTC Sync installed on your computer, before you proceed you should uninstall it completely, as it interferes with some other applications and has little use (at least to me). If you use HTC Sync and want to keep it installed for whatever reason you can right click and exit it from the taskbar, or ctrl+alt+delete to bring up the task manager and force the program to close. Uninstalling is your best bet. Then you can proceed with installing the revolutionary driver pack.

4-   Get Your Phone Connected and Ready to Flash

a- Downloaded exploit zip from here by clicking on your OS name. Leave this page open as it should be expecting a serial number.
b- Extract the zip file.
c- Download TWRP image mirror from here. Rename it as “PG86IMG.zip” (without the quotes) and place it on the root of your SD card.

5-    Apply S-Off, Write Recovery Image and Flash Root Zip

a- Apply S-Off: Double click the revolutionary.exe file. It will start the script to apply S-Off. You will need the beta key from the website we left open earlier. The serial number which is required on the website is labeled S/N and starts usually with HT and can found under the battery, labeled S/N, usually starting with HT) or on the outer sleeve of your EVO 3D box, on a sticker. Go back to the site and put your serial number in and click generate key.In the command prompt opened by the revolutionary file, type or paste your key when asked for it. Type ‘y’ to continue when prompted. The script will run and apply the exploit. Give it time and be patient, just let it do it’s thing. Your phone should reboot one or three times. When all is said and done, you can pat yourself on the back. You now have S-Off. You will end up back at the fastboot screen. At the top it should now say Revolutionary, and beneath that should be S-OFF. If all appears sound so far, it’s time to update your recovery partition.

b- Write Recovery Image: Turn your phone off, take your battery out for ten seconds, then turn it back on while holding volume down. This will take you to your HBOOT menu. Select update PG86IMG.zip, then follow the prompts til it starts to flash. After the flash is complete you MUST delete the zip from your SD card. Now you have a custom recovery menu.

Note:- Before you continue, select RECOVERY from the fastboot menu using the volume up/down and power keys. Your phone should reboot and show the recovery menu. Select Toggle USB and press the power button. On your computer, delete the recovery image. On your phone, remain mounted.

c-  Flash root zip: Download super file from here. Put it on your phones SD card. Press power to unmount, select Apply update from zip and press power. Select Choose zip from SD card and press power. Find the superuser zip and press the power button. After the zip is applied you will be returned to the previous menu. Select Reboot System and wait for your phone to boot back up.

6-    Data Recovery

You now have S-Off, root access and a custom recovery menu. When your phone reboots, it will do a PRL update. This is normal, let it proceed. It will likely attempt a Software update as well, but thanks to the exploit the update should fail on its own. Sign back in to your Google account, reinstall Titanium Backup if you used it earlier, restore your apps and data with it

For further information and FAQ visit source

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