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How to Resolve “No Sim Card Installed” iPhone 4S Network Problem

iPhone 4S Siri Assistant feature was one of the major reason of success but at the same time its popularity is keep on  deteriorating due to various bugs experienced in the devices. It was all started when users start complaining about
iPhone 4S batter issues have been complaining from all over the world. Then supposedly Apple released iOS 5.0.1 to batter related issue but things turned up even worst and it was found that iOS 5.0.1 upgrade brought more issues rather than fixes such as microphone malfunctioning, Wi-Fi signal loss and WiFi Network issues.

Now we have come across another iPhone 4S bug which is being reported in huge numbers at Apple’s discussion board. According to forum many users are getting “No Sim Card installed” pop ups mostly when SIM card is inserted in their iPhone. The easiest but annoying way to get rid of this error is by restarting yor iPhone 4S but sometimes even that don’t work. In that case you might have to visit one of your carrier sales center and  replace your old SIM with a new one.

No official annoucement has come yet which confirms either it is a software bug or any problem in hardware caused this problem.

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